The Cleveland Browns Theme Song

Did you know that the Cleveland Browns have a theme song every year? Last year it was crappy, recorded by GE Smith and was called Browns Town. This year, I am betting that it isn't quite so crappy.

My friend John (producer of The Company Line's Demo) called me and asked if I wanted to sing in "gang vocals" on a project he was doing. I said sure and headed to his studio after work. I soon find out that we are working on a Browns song, hopefully THE Browns song for this season.

Seriously, highlight of my year so far. Football was pretty integral in my life growing up on Sundays. I have been a huge Browns fan since I can remember, and even watched the Browns' entire inaugural comeback game on TV when they got shellacked by a team that shall remain nameless on this site. (Don't start crowing, losers. I was hardly born for your last Superbowl victory so you have nothing to talk about. Plus, last time I checked you have no receivers left.)

So anyway, I got to sing the backup vocals for the Browns song. I can't wait to see if it is the one that gets played at the stadium and on the radio. Thanks to John for giving me the call and involving me in his project.

Oh, and thanks for inviting the Cavs Cheerleaders to the singing party too.

Hey single dudes, I gave the beautiful girls cd's of my band and tickets to The Company Line show on Friday at the HiFi Club in Lakewood. You know I won't be trying to date them, so give it your best shot, and come to the show!