The Company Line - Show on 8/12 at the HiFi

This weekend The Company Line had the best show since this band has been together. By far. It's kind of funny because it wasn't looking very good when it all started.

We got to the club around 7:00 pm because that is when we were instructed to arrive. Then we waited until almost 8:00 pm to find out that we weren't playing until 9:40. Then we found out that we were playing on a tiny front stage in the front of the bar. I don't want to sound like a spoiled person or anything, and I really don't take anything for granted because we aren't some crazy popular band, at this point, but I never in a million years expected to be on the tiny stage at the front of the bar.

I have never seen any bands play at the front. When Todd and I played there ACOUSTICALLY a couple of months ago, it felt a little bit tight with us and our acoustic guitars. But, after worrying for about an hour, I decided "EFF IT!" we are going to rock the mini stage if that is what we have to do.

There was no way we were going to fit on it by the way. Brad put his drums up there and we all surrounded him with our amps. Kiddicus found a place to stand up there with Brad. Todd stood on the floor, and I set up on the floor. It must have looked a bit strange, and it felt a bit strange to be sure, but then we got going and did our thing.

It was one of the strongest performances that the band has put together so far. The vocals apparently sounded good through the PA and all the instruments were pretty well mixed around the PA. Thanks to Joe Petrich from "A Few Askew" (also a sound man at The Pit) for helping us with the arrangement on that tiny stage in that situation.

Also thanks to the biggest crowd that The Company Line has had thus far. The proprietor of B&R made the trip and so did a lot of our other family and friends. I am guessing that we had about 30 people total. I am also going to guess that it was more than any other band who played that night, and that includes the bands that played the main stage.